Sell or Support Your Represented Brands

Discover new selling brands to add to your overall mix as well

Toy Business Pro offers sales representatives and sales representation companies felxible options for membership in the marketplace.  You may choose to book a showroom of your own to directly feature and market your collection of represented lines or you may ask a represented seller already on platform to add you as a seller under their account.  Alternatively, to use the site’s features for search and discovery of new lines to represent, you may register as a Trade Guest. 

Sales Rep Q&A

Yes. Your sales rep company has the ability to book a showroom with us to represent your collection of products and manufacturers.  This option provides you with your permanent showroom on site and all seller product display, marketing and community engagement tools from your own private account.

To join, click the Book Showroom link or please contact [email protected] for more details.

Yes. If you are currently representing any of the sellers on the platform, you are able to ask the selling company to add you to their staff under a unique email address which would be separate from your existing sales rep company email address.  As a member of the seller’s staff, you will be able to write orders on behalf of the seller and manage your customer accounts directly from Toy Business Pro.

For more information please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Yes. You have the ability to create your own Trade Guest account to discover new selling brands to add to your mix.  Please note that registering as a Trade Guest will enable search, discovery and community messaging features, but will not enable any selling features.